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Barbara Jean Burns, Ph.D.

Professor in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Phone (919) 687-4676 ext. 243
Fax (919) 687-4737
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Mailing Address Box 3454 DUMC, Durham, NC  27710

Selected Publications

Barbara J. Burns (2010). Realizing the Dream. Adminstrative Policy and Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research. 37: 145-148

Barbara J. Burns, Sonja K. Schoenwald, John D. Burchard, Leyla Faw, and Alberto B. Santos (2000). Comprehensive Community-Based Interventions for Youth with Severe Emotional Disorders: Multisystemic Therapy and the Wraparound Process. Journal of Child and Family Studies. Vol. 9, No. 3: 283–314

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Phyllis Gyamfi, Christine Walrath, Barbara J. Burns, Robert L. Stephens, Yisong Geng
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Sarah A. Mustillo, Shannon Dorsey, Kate Conover, Barbara J. Burns (2011). Parental Depression and Child Outcomes: The Mediating Effects of Abuse and Neglect. Journal of Marriage and Family. 73: 164 – 180

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Marisa Elena Domino, Barbara J. Burns, Susan G. Silva, Christopher J. Kratochvil, Benedetto Vitiello, Mark A. Reinecke, Jeremy Mario, and John S. March (2008). Cost-Effectiveness of Treatments for Adolescent Depression: Results From TADS. American Journal of Psychiatry. Vol. 165, No. 5: 588-596

Barbara J. Burns, Susan D. Phillips, H. Ryan Wagner, Richard Barth, David J. Kolko, Yvonne Cambell, and John Landsverk (2004). Mental Health Need and Access to Mental Health Services by Youths Involved With Child Welfare: A National Survey.Journal of the American Acadamey of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Vol. 43, No. 8: 960-970.