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Lorna Moser, Ph.D

Research Associate, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Phone (919) 956-7634
Fax (919) 682-1907
Mailing Adress Brightleaf Square Suite 23-A ,905 West Main Street Durham, NC 27710


95-98 BA Psychology and Philosophy, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

00-02 Master of Clinical and Counseling Psychology, Illinois State University

06-07 Clinical Internship at Dorothea Dix State Psychiatric Hospital, Raleigh, NC (APA Accredited)

02-07 Phd, Clinical Psychology, Indiania University-Purdue University

07-09 Current NRSA Postdoctoral Fellowship, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Duke University Medical Center


American Psychological Foundation Todd E. Husted Memorial Dissertation Award (2005).

Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA), Individual Predoctoral Fellowship(2005 – 2007)

U.S. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association's Carol Mowbray Early Career Research Award, (2009)

Research Interests:

I am interested in conceptualizing, measuring, and studying the various ways community mental health providers influence the behaviors of adult consumers with severe mental illness. These “influencing tactics” consist of both collaborative approaches to providing care, as well as restrictive interventions that may or may not be experienced as coercive. I am also interested in studying the assertive community treatment (ACT) program, and am a co-developer of the Tool for the Measurement of ACT (TMACT), an updated measure of ACT fidelity. My research interests are fueled by my clinical and consultation experiences. As a clinician, I have worked in various settings, including group homes, two ACT teams, a rural case management program, and a state psychiatric hospital. As an ACT consultant, I have evaluated teams in 9 states and Canada and am a co-leader of the North Carolina ACT Coalition, a grassroots organization focused on improving the quality and availability of ACT statewide.

Research Projects:

Recent Publications:

Moser, L. and Bond, G. R. (2009). Scope of Agency Control: Assertive Community Treatment Teams' Supervision of their Consumer Caseloads. Psychiatric Services, 60, pp.922-928.

Wilder, C., Elbogen, E., Moser, L., Swartz, M.S., & Swanson, J. (2010). Medication preferences and adherence among individuals with severe mental illness who completed psychiatric advance directives. Psychiatric Services, 61,380-385.

Gilbert, A., Moser, L ., Van Dorn, R., Swanson, J., Wilder, C., Robbins, P., Keator, K., Steadman, H., & Swartz, M. (2010). Reductions in arrest under assisted outpatient treatment in New York . Psychiatric Services, 61, 996-999.

Swanson, J, Van Dorn, R, Swartz, M, Cislo, A, Wilder, C, Moser, L, Gilbert, A, & McGuire, T. (2010). Robbing Peter to pay Paul: Did New York State's involuntary outpatient commitment program crowd out voluntary service recipients? Psychiatric Services, 61, 988-995.

Van Dorn, R, Swanson, J, Swartz, M, Wilder, C, Moser, L, Gilbert, A, Cislo, A, & Robbins, P. (2010). Continuing medication and hospitalization outcomes after assisted outpatient treatment in New York . Psychiatric Services, 61, 982-987.

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Moser, L. and Bond, G.R. (in press). Practitioner attributes as predictors of restrictive practices in assertive community treatment. Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association.

Monroe-DeVita, M., Teague, G., & Moser, L. (in press). The TMACT: A new tool for measuring fidelity to assertive community treatment. Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association.