Services Effectiveness Research Program (SERP)

Current Projects

Project Name Principal Investigator SERP investigator More information Project Dates
Educational Interventions for Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health: Getting Yourself in Shape for College S. Compton J. Looney B.J. Burns 2015-2020
A Feasibility Study for testing the effects of extended release naltrexone (Vivitrol) on recidivism and other participant outcomes in drug court settings A.G. Robertson J. Swanson
M. Swartz
White Matter Damage in Sub concussive Blast Exposure R. Morey  R. Wagner 2014-2019
Feelings/Body Investigators: Interoceptive Exposure for  children with abdominal pain N.L. Zucker  R. Wagner 2013-2019
Mobile contingency management for smoking cessation in returning US Veterans J. Beckam  R. Wagner 2015-2019
National Survey of Child and Adolescent Well-Being B.J. Burns R. Wagner Read More 1999-present
ALK648-A301 – NXT-VIV P. Manelli M. Swartz 2016-2018
Neural Markers and Rehabilitation of Executive Functioning in Veterans with TBI and PTSD E. Elbogen  R. Wagner 2016-2018
Policy and interventions for adults with SMI and criminal justice involvement A.G. Robertson Read More 2014-2018
Integrated Pediatric Mental Health Care H. Egger B.J. Burns 2014-2018
Growing Together Facing the Challenge in the Carolinas Murray B.J. Burns Read More 2014-2018
Center for Mental Health Implementation and Dissemination Science in States (IDEAS) K. Hoagwood
B. Burns
Read More 2011-2017
Collaborative HIV/AIDS Prevention and Mental Health Treatment Project S. Reif M. Swartz 2012-2017
National Center for Child Traumatic Stress B.J. Burns 2015-2017
Pain Management using Mobile Technology in Veterans with PTSD and TBI E. Elbogen Read More 2014-2017
Mobile Health Application for Family and Behavioral Health Provider Communication E. Elbogen 2016-2017
National Resource Center on Psychiatric Advance Directives M. Swartz J. Swanson
E. Elbogen
Read More

Past Projects

Project Name Principal Investigator SERP investigator More information Project Dates
Integrated Pediatric Mental Health Care for Durham’s Children H. Egger B.J. Burns 2012-2016
Geriatric Depression: Risk Factors for Adverse Outcomes K. Gadde R. Wagner 2012-2016
Advanced Center for State Policy Research to scale up EBPs for  children K. Hoagwood B.J. Burns 2011-2016
Implementing Psychiatric Advance Directives with Peer Specialist Facilitators J. Swanson A.G. Robertson
M. Swartz
Advance Care Planning for Early Dementia J. Swanson M. Swartz 2012-2015
Improving Dissemination and Implementation of Evidence-Based Treatment Foster Care M. Murray B.J. Burns 2012-2014
1/2 A Comparison of Long-Acting Injectable Medications for Schizophrenia  J.P. McEvoy M. Swartz 2009-2014
Hostility PTSD and Physical Health J. Beckham R. Wagner 2009-2014
Assessing and Reducing Post-Deployment Violence Risk E. Elbogen
M. Swartz
  R. Wagner Read More 2008-2013
Community Reentry of persons with severe mental illness released from state prison J. Swanson M. Swartz 2009-2013
Supplemental Nicotine Administration for Smoking Cessation in PTSD P.S. Calhoun R. Wagner 2010-2013
What Affects Outcomes in Group Homes for Youth? E.M.Z. Farmer
B.J. Burns
 R. Wagner Read More 2007-2013
Mental Illness Research Education and Clinical Center R. Wiener R. Wagner 2017-2013
Midcareer Investigator Award in Geriatric Depression D. Steffens R. Wagner 2009-2013
Do brief incarcerations before jail diversion enhance its legal leverage and improve outcomes among people with serious mental illness in CT? A.G. Robertson M. Swartz 2011-2013
Firearms Laws Mental Disorder and Violence J. Swanson M. Swartz
A.G. Robertson
Read More 2011-2013
Gender differences in jail diversion for persons with co-occurring disorders A.G. Robertson J. Swanson Read More 2012-2012
Improving money management skills in veterans with psychiatric disabilities J. Swanson 2010-2012
National Program Methods Core J. Swanson 2011-2012
Capability and Capacity for Children’s Continuum of Care B.J. Burns 2011-2012
Costs Associated with Outpatient Treatment for Persons with Severe Mental Illness in North Carolina J. Swanson M. Swartz
R. Van Dorn
What Affects Outcomes in Group Homes for Youth? E.M.Z. Farmer
B. Burns
M. Murray
R. Wagner
Implementation of the Health Care Decisions Act in Virginia C. Wilder
J. Swanson
M. Swartz 2010-2011
Improving Representative Payeeship for People with Psychiatric Disabilities and their Families E. Elbogen
J. Swanson
M. Swartz 2008-2011
Quantifying Costs and Benefits of Outpatient Commitment and Psychiatric Advance Directives J. Swanson R. Wagner 2008-2011
Recovery After an Initial Schizophrenic Episode (RAISE) J. P. McEvoy M. Swartz Read More 2009-2011
Trends in Residential Placement of Youth B.J. Burns 2010-2011
Comparison of Antipsychotics for Metabolic Problems (CAMP) J.P. McEvoy M. Swartz 2006-2010
Cost of Criminal Justice Involvement among People with Serious Mental Illness in Connecticut   J. Swanson M. Swartz
A.G. Robertson
Mental Health System Improvement M. Swartz B.J. Burns 2008-2010
Neurodevelopmental Processes of Social Cognition in Anorexia Nervosa and Autism N.L. Zucker R. Wagner Read More 2006-2010
Therapeutic Foster Care in a System of Care E.M.Z. Farmer
B.J. Burns
M. Murray
R. Wagner
Read More 1998-2010
Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) Evaluation M. Swartz J. Swanson
A.G. Robertson
National Evaluation of the Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services for Children and their Families Program B.J. Burns R. Wagner Read More 2000-2008
Psychiatric Treatment and Violence Risk Management J. Swanson Read More 2004-2009
Substance Use Outcomes Following Treatment for Adolescent Depression J. Curry B.J. Burns Read More 2003-2008
Treatment for Adolescents with Depression Study B.J. Burns 1998-2006
Effectively Implementing Psychiatric Advance Directives J. Swanson
M. Swartz
E. Elbogen
R. Wagner
A.G. Robertson
Read More 2002-2006
Comparative Effectiveness of Antipsychotic Medications in Patients with Schizophrenia (CATIE): Risk for Violence and Substance Abuse J. Lieberman M. Swartz
J. Swanson
R. Wagner
Read More 1999-2004